The Meeting

The EAU Update on Bladder Cancer (BCa18) will focus on bladder cancer management for a fully interactive meeting led by a wide expert panel of medical oncologists and onco-urologists. Munich in Germany is the venue for this educational event from 8 to 9 June 2018.

Diagnosis and therapeutic management strategies for urothelial tumors have rapidly evolved in recent years. Currently, there are ongoing clinical studies in every stage of the disease, looking into potential breakthrough immunotherapy studies. Genito-urinary cancer specialists and healthcare professionals are required to update their knowledge with the latest research outcomes, developments in guideline recommendations and the impact of best practices on clinical work.

To support the continuing medical education needs of cancer specialists, the European Association of Urology (EAU), together with its colleagues from European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO), has tasked bladder cancer experts from across Europe to pool their know-how and provide a critical assessment of innovative BCa therapies. This specialist event will not only take into account the most recent scientific outcomes but also examine guideline-compliant practices through in-depth case discussions.

With the European School of Urology’s (ESU) faculty, the two-day programme will cover practical approaches in bladder treatment options from systemic treatments, surgical interventions to complications management. Modular sessions will look into issues such as systemic immunotherapy (checkpoint inhibitors), the role of trimodal therapy, the impact of genetic profiling on diagnosis, and patient selection, among other issues.

Testing assessment will be offered before and after the meeting to assess the participant’s knowledge, diagnostic and surgical skills. Interactive breakout sessions will examine dilemmas in diagnosis, while faculty-led case discussions will explore potential conflict issues in multidisciplinary team approaches, the impact of pathology results and follow-up strategies in recurrent, malignant disease.

BCa18 will help participants anticipate relevant and crucial developments that will inform clinical practice.  Assess and enhance your bladder cancer management skills during this compact and comprehensive update.

See you in Munich!

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