Live Surgery Session

In addition to the regular BCa19 scientific programme, the organisers are also pleased to announce a special Live Surgery Session to take place on May 16th, 2019. The afternoon, titled “Standard and Innovative Procedures for Bladder Cancer in 2019” features three simultaneously broadcast procedures from the Molinette Hospital’s surgical theatres.

BCa19 delegates may freely attend the Live Surgery Session. If you want to arrive in Turin on the 15th in order to attend the Live Surgery Day, you can add an extra night’s stay to your registration at your own expense.

Venue: Aula A.M. Dogliotti “Molinette Incontra” – Molinette Hospital (Two metro stops from BCa19’s venue, Lingotto Congress Center).

Time: 12:00-19:00



Chairs: Paolo Gontero

Theatre 1 Theatre 2 Theatre 3
Operation 1

“TURB: how should you do it”

(PDD cystoscopy, en block resection)


Operation 2

re-TURB: how do I do it

(or TURB in MIBC)

(NBI, bypolar resection, multiple biopsies…)


Operation 3

Modern conservative treatment of UTUC

Ureteroscopy, Cellvizio


UTUC biopsy and laser treatment

Operation 1:

“Open radical cystectomy: step by step”


Cystectomy & lymphadenectomy




Operation 1:

“Robotic radical cystectomy & intracorporeal neobladder”


Cystectomy & lymphadenectomy


Intracorporeal neobladder



Surgical Theatres:

The operations will be broadcast live from three theatres of the Molinette Hospital’s Division of  Urology, as chaired by Paolo Gontero and part of the University of Turin School of Medicine.